Joan Kemple has a vision; let’s help her make it a reality!

As an avid bird-watcher and outdoors enthusiast, Joan wants to see this beckoning space at the back of the church grounds being used to it fullest potential — a place to sit quietly in the lap of Nature and enjoy the birdsong, meditate after walking the Labyrinth, read, nap, or whatever brings joy and gratitude to your heart. She is as knowledgeable in the ways of attracting birds as in attracting people. Spring is in the air already, so we can hardly wait to see the seed of this idea come to fruition.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself enjoying it, then think about what you can donate, whether items for the sanctuary, such as a table, benches, bird bath, or peaceful statuary (St. Francis, for example) or your time and love in helping Joan tend to it. Talk to her at church or use this form to contact her, and be sure to include a telephone number where she can reach you during the day.

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