Four Y.O.U.ers and two sponsors attended the Unity South Central Region’s (USCR) South Fally Rally at Camp Young Judaea in Wimberley from November 30th – December 2nd.

Quinton serves this year as a Regional Officer along with three other teens. They create the events for the year in entirety, including writing all of the family group discussion material, writing and delivering the workshops and activities, and preparing the schedule. Regional Officers dedicate a great deal of time and commitment to serving the future of Unity through our Y.O.U. programs.

And the three teens who attended as participants from UNB, Cristanne, Kieran, and Dorie, were “newbies” to rallies! This is truly exciting! They began and ended the rally with a great passion for Y.O.U., Unity, rallies, and all things loving and fun! UNB is truly blessed with amazing teens.

The theme for this Rally was Namaste and held a focus for spiritual exploration and discovery of truly honoring others and yourself, and learning/practicing not to take things personally.

Affirmations were written throughout the main meeting space on windows and mirrors.

The lessons about honoring ourselves culminated in a “mirror wash” – an activity where every person in attendance walked down an aisle stating affirmations about themselves while everyone else was holding mirrors and repeating those affirmations back to them. Regional Officers (Regis) were at each end of the mirror wash to hug them into and out of it and hold a sacred love for all during the journey through it. It was an amazingly beautiful, contemplative, and self-affirming time together.

The weekend also included workshops about “What is Unity?” so teens could feel more comfortable answering that question when their peers want to know more, recognizing how we make judgments more than we may be aware of it but and learning to seek oneness, and the many ways to meditate. Quinton performed a skit about the stereotype of meditation.

The Rally also had a surprise for the attendees – a visit from our own Unity Kirtan Experience! Chanting and dancing are a favorite meditation for us!

The Fally Rally 2018 included a concentrated time of love, acceptance, reflection, contemplation, prayer, fellowship, creativity, joy songs, and, of course, play!

See more photos from the rally.

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